Scanning the Longshed

April 12th, 2018

Having finally secured the lease of the spectacular Longshed on Woodbridge Waterfront, we finally get to go inside. From the outside all you can see is a roller door nestled in amongst the other buildings but once inside you realise just how big and ‘long’ this shed is!

Teaming up with Julian Whitewright, Pat Tanner, Valarie Fennick and a group of willing students from Southampton University members of the Sutton Hoo Ships Co Work Group laid out the life size drawing of the Saxon Ship to test it for size. As you can see it just fits so once the ship is built we will have a few metres either side to work in.

While we were there Pat Tanner, who is working on the ships computer design, took the opportunity to scan the Longshed. The scan will create an exact 3D representation of the inside of the shed which can later be used to see how the ship will look while it is being built in the Longshed.