Sutton Hoo: Top British heritage site

Sutton Hoo is listed as one of the new top 10 of heritage sites mapping out the history of England!

Historic England has just published a new list of important sites in our English history and Sutton Hoo is firmly at the top.

The finds at Sutton Hoo are the oldest entry in the Top 10, and the context in which it was excavated and re-excavated, makes the site completely unique.  The real jewel from the site outshines any of the precious metals and artefacts now exhibited in British Museum, and is the impression of the 90′ Anglo-Saxon burial ship itself.  The Sutton Hoo Ship is at present the only one of its kind found within a 500 year window of time.

To think that the Ship will now be replicated to imitate its former glory just across the river from Sutton Hoo, in the Longshed, Woodbridge will keep the story alive and bring more visitors to both the Sutton Hoo burial site and the Longshed where the ship will fill the building to capacity before being floated onto the beautiful river Deben.

Just this week we, The Sutton Hoo Ship’s Company, have decided on the final interpretation of the shape to be used for the rebuild based on the excavated measurements with thanks to Julian Whitewright and Pat Tanner in Southampton University and Paul Handley, independent Marine Architect.