Woodbridge Regatta

From the point of view of the Ship’s Company, Woodbridge Regatta on June 17, 2018 was a great success.  What we have to display at the moment is a big banner explaining the timeline – but also the even bigger full size ship banner on the north wall of the Longshed.  It impresses every time.  Although we were tucked away at the back of the Longshed there was enough traffic and interested from people to make it all worthwhile.  The most frequent comment was ‘you’re not really going to build that, are you’, with several metaphorical question marks and incredulous glances at the banner of the Ship.  A lot of people learnt something more about the project and some made donations, as always very welcome.

The rest of the Longshed looked pretty impressive, with the skeleton of a St Ayle’s skiff being built and lots of tools and wood to see.  It is all flourishing.

However, some of us would have liked to see what else was going on at the Regatta….