An Historic Milestone

As we advertise for a Master Shipwright we are one step closer to building this amazing reconstruction of the Sutton Hoo ship and one step closer to understanding more about our Anglo Saxon ancestors. The months and months of research to turn the historical records into a set of usable plans is coming to a close and laying the keel is now insight. This project will enrich the lives of historians and craftsmen who, like their ancestors, will be given the opportunity to work together turning raw materials into a unique and iconic ship. With the ship in our possession teams of rowers and sailors will be able to experience life on the water in the same way as the Anglo Saxons providing a greater insight into their way of life.

We will provide a comprehensible, informative and entertaining means of engaging the public, including involvement of people of all ages and abilities and increasing understanding and appreciation of Anglo-Saxon life and culture.  In order to maintain the integrity of the project it will be overseen by academic and shipbuilding experts, but work will be organised in a way that enables local people to engage in all stages, either through active participation in the build process or activities such as recording, interpretation or guiding. We will employ professional shipwrights for the critical parts of the build and we expect apprentices and students to benefit from working on it.  In order to gain maximum project benefits we are working with the National Trust and with our sister charity, Woodbridge Riverside Trust (WRT), who will be responsible for example, for guiding, exhibitions and talks.

The reconstruction that we will build will be a beautiful object, of impressive size and proportion, as well as having a serious scientific purpose, what more can we say…