A new phase for the Ship’s Co.

In October 2018 we invited experts from across the world to look at our research and preparations to help us finalise the Sutton Hoo Ship plans. This phase is now much closer to completion and the final papers are being worked on ready for publication after Easter.

Now in March 2019 as we move from the planning to the construction phase, we are delighted to know that we will have enough green oak to reconstruct King Raedwald’s seventh century ship.  Plans to move and store the oak from Windsor Great Park to Woodbridge are in hand but we are not underestimating the difficulty of the logistics – or the number of volunteers we will need to help turn beautiful trees into a beautiful ship.

As well as working with the National Trust and Woodbridge Riverside Trust we have new partners in the Oxford Institute for Digital Archaeology who, as well as supporting us financially are developing an ambitious programme of 3D printing, recording the project digitally, and developing educational tools.

Work is currently underway to recruit a Master Shipwright to turn the ships plans into a reality with, we hope, a large group of volunteers to support the project.

The first step will be to build two different types of models which will test the plans and allow us to experiment with techniques and internal fixings.

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