Sutton Hoo Ship Rivet

In the run up to Christmas we had a fantastic response to our sponsor a fixing scheme.  Sponsoring a rivet has been a very popular gift for grandchildren, Mum’s and Dad’s, Brothers and Sister’s, Uncles and Aunt’s and in one case for a ‘Secret Santa’ gift – much better than socks or a selection pack!

We hope that by owning a rivet our sponsors will follow our progress with the ship build and ultimately come to the Longshed to see it being built.

So what is a rivet? It’s a metal nail that will fix one plank to another where the planks overlap. The fixing process takes a lot hammeering, making a repetitive clink clink sound as the hammer hits the nail – and therein lies the reason why clinker built boats are called clinker!

We thank you all for your sponsorship which is raising the much needed funds to finally build a Suton Ship!