Anglo Saxon Ship Open Day

The first open day of 2020 saw a steady stream of very interested visitors. Luckily the weather was in our favour for once and the bright sunny afternoon encouraged people to break from their river walk to come and see what all the noise was.

The Crew Members demonstrated how to split willow into blanks ready for making trennails, these are the wooden plugs used to fasten different sections of wood together. Visitors were encouraged to handle the split wood to see how wet it was in its green state compared to some of the completed examples which were much lighter in weight and completely dry. Work also continued on the 1:5 scale model which will eventually be used for taking measurements for the main ship build. Volunteer stewards and Directors escorted small groups along the viewing area explaining how the project is progressing and encouraging people to be part of the history by sponsoring their own rivet (see sponsorship section of website).

Some people visiting the Longshed today were so enthralled that they have already completed a volunteer application to help with the ship build, creating wooden souvenirs from the oak offcuts and to help with some of the back office administration. If you would like to volunteer please complete this simple form and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

The photographs below show volunteers splitting wood, crafting wooden clamps and working on the 1:5 model.

The next Open Day will be on the 11 April  – everyone is welcome!