Escape to the…Longshed

We were very lucky to have been remembered by Jules Hudson, from Escape to the Country, as he was filming a potential house move in this area and wanted to record some local places of interest. Where better than an historic project in the making, in the centre of Woodbridge.

During the day Jules captured an interview with Philip Leech, the chair of our board, and did some filming with Jacq Barnard our Project Manager who explained the importance of the models that are being made and provided a practical demonstration of how the ship might have been rowed. Jules was extremely interested and promises to return to a follow up shoot when we are further along.

Below you can see the crew setting things up explaining why so many takes are necessary to put a good short film together. The episode will be televised sometime in the next 6-18 months, so we are looking forward to seeing the final cut.