The archaeological work on the ship was done in 1939, and by the British Museum in 1965-1970.

The 1939 survey of the ship was done by a team from the Science Museum led by J K D Hutchison, a reserve officer in the Royal Navy. The Second World War interfered with the follow up. The records at the Science Museum were destroyed in a bombing raid. After Commander Hutchison died from natural causes in 1944, his widow burnt his all papers.

The later work by the British Museum was comprehensively recorded in The Sutton Hoo Ship Burial, Volume I, edited by Rupert Bruce-Mitford. Even so, when the Graveney ship was discovered in September 1970, he was hampered by the secondment of two key members of his staff to the National Maritime Museum.

When considering a particular feature of the ship it is useful to know exactly where to turn to for the information in the original sources. It may not always be in the obvious places.

The following papers, which may be updated occasionally, have been written as a guide to the record of the 1939 and 1965-70 work. (The first nine started off as preparation for the international symposium held in October 2018.)

Please be aware they contain some material that is copyright, this has been indicated where it occurs.

TSC001 HoodEnds (Updated 26 Sep)

TSC002 Plank Lengths

TSC003 Keel Size and Shape

TSC004 Scarf Joints

TSC005 Gunwales

TSC006 Stem & Stern

TSC007 Steering Arrangements

TSC008 Fastenings

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