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Lofting Seminar

On the 16th July Tim Kirk will be delivering a Lofting Seminar in the Longshed between 1-5pm. If you would like to attend please text Jacq on 07899 778995.


Introducing Tim Kirk, Volunteer Shipwright

On the 9th July Tim Kirk, Volunteer Shipwright joined the project for 8 weeks over the summer. Tim will be helping to interpret the plans, introduce lofting techniques, make preparations for the main build and start work on the two models (1:5 Plywood model and 4m half beam section).

The first step will be to invite Volunteer Crew into the Longshed on Tuesday 16th July for a lofting seminar after which a  number of crew members can crack on with lofting the stem/stern sections and a 1:5 model ship.

New Crew Member Site

Experimenting with ways to keep Crew members updated with what is happening as there is no ideal method of keeping in touch with everyone.  Using part of the website means that key members can contribute information for everyone to read.