The Project is not fully funded yet so we are offering a broad range of ways to help get the ship on the water.

Much of the funding is by public sponsorship, small grants, and donations. To complement this, we are pleased to offer businesses the opportunity to be associated with us to benefit from brand recognition, stakeholder engagement and simply getting involved. The Longshed is open all year round during the build which is expected to finish by Spring 2025 and attracts hundreds of visitors each month. Once complete, the ship will be progressively trialled on rivers and the sea to test hypotheses about its performance and its original role in the early English kingdoms. This means the Project is important, not just for Suffolk and the UK, but nationally and internationally and, of course, will attract wide publicity. As well as this, the ship will make an important contribution to the living heritage in East Anglia, and beyond, for many years to come.

To get involved and help fund the ship there are four levels of corporate sponsorship. In addition to enabling participants to be an enduring part of this historic vessel, the scheme offers a number of tangible business benefits, as follows:

Foundation level – Braes (OE Bronze) – Donation of £1,000 recognised on our website and in our newsletter as a corporate sponsor, included in our newsletter circulation and qualifies for an A4 framed certificate and a benefactor’s lapel pin.

Intermediate level – Seolfor (OE Silver) – Donation of £5,000, as Braes level above, plus logo displayed prominently in The Longshed, and an invitation to The Longshed for a group of up to twelve people, for a personalised tour and a souvenir framed photograph.

Benefactor level – Gold (OE Gold) – Donation of £10,000, as Seolfor level above, plus press release and attendance for four people at a special reception following the launch of the ship.

Super Benefactor level – Gold++ – Donation of £20,000, as Gold level above, but includes a day’s team building experience for up to 8 employees and four places at a special celebration dinner with the Project’s Trustees following the launch of the ship.

A summary of Super benefactor benefits can be seen below:

  • Added to the sponsor carousel on our website (Foundation level)
  • A4 framed certificate (Foundation level)
  • Featured in our newsletter (Foundation level)
  • Logo displayed prominently in the Longshed (Intermediate level)
  • Invitation to the Longshed for a guided tour for up to 12 people with a souvenir framed photo (Intermediate level)
  • Press release about donation (Benefactor level)
  • Invitation for 4 people to attend the special reception after the ship launch (Benefactor level)
  • A day’s team building experience for up to 8 employees (Super benefactor level)
  • Invitation for 4 people to attend the special celebration dinner with the Ships Company Trustees after the ships launch (Super benefactor level)

To take part in this scheme please contact Richard Brice at
An invoice and receipt can be provided or donations can be made directly to The Sutton Hoo Ship’s Company bank account Sort Code 20-45-45 Account Number 80987670

Other Corporate Involvement

We are also keen to work with businesses beyond donation and, for example, can offer bespoke tours or talks. If you would like to discuss a tailor-made engagement with your business, or if you have any questions about the Scheme, please contact us at