The project is predominantly run by volunteers who offer a wealth of experience in boat building, project management, archaeology, history and beyond, but as the project increases in size, we will be ready to welcome more people into the team.

If you have time to spare and would like to be involved by helping behind the scenes with the smooth running of the project or have the skills to help with the building process, we would like to hear from you. A project of this size is reliant on volunteers to provide expertise in everything from health and safety to sharpening tools and from bookkeeping to providing demonstrations and tours, so if you have been involved in anything like this before or have transferable work skills please get in contact by completing the application form at – this link

We cannot guarantee that there is a place for all and we do need to have a regular commitment to make this work. Once we receive your application we will send you an acknowledgement and then contact you when a suitable vacancy arises.

All volunteers are welcome to attend internal events and will receive regular updates about all aspects of the project.

Current Vacancies

Boatbuilders – we currently have 20 applicants waiting for axe training. All new applicants will need to join the waiting list.

Guides – we need to expand our team guides in the Longshed. As the project gets wider recognition we are experiencing an increased number of visitors who want to know more about the ship and how it is being built.  A guide will be on hand to interact with visitors and share their knowledge, they will be fully trained and assigned a buddy until they feel up to speed. As a guide, you have complete control over your time and only need to book up when you are available. In return, you will be at the heart of the project and be the first to know what is happening so that you can pass this knowledge on.

Tour Administrator – someone to turn enquiries into your bookings. This involves responding to emails, lining up tour guides and confirming bookings. We currently receive about 5-10 enquiries a week for organised talks or local tours. The applicant will need to be able to use email and a spreadsheet and be happy to communicate with other volunteers. This role can be carried out remotely

Social Media Creator – someone to join the media team to help create social media posts. This will involve turning stories and photographs into social media posts. Ideally, this additional media post will be someone local to the Longshed in Woodbridge who can pop in to gather day-to-day information and take photos. The applicant will need to be able to manipulate photographs, understand #hashtags and be able to write clear messages. The ability to use Hootsuite is an advantage but not essential as full training can be given.

Finance Administrator – someone to help with the financial paperwork. This would involve the scanning and storing of information electronically, reconciling receipts to statements, tracking payments and analysing expenditure. Some of this work could be carried out remotely but you would also need to be able to meet with the Project Manager face-to-face on occasion.

Creative Woodworkers – to turn waste wood into gifts and souvenirs as part of our fundraising strategy. All creative ideas will be considered.

Rowers (Sæfyrd)The rowing application process is not yet open to applicants. This will first be announced in our monthly Newsletter (before going out on Social Media). Rowers will need to have recent rowing experience and be able to commit to the training and trials programme.