Jules visited the Longshed during November 2020 to record for an episode of Escape to the Country but he first visited us in 2018 to take part in our opening Symposium. Here is what he has said:

“Since I was a boy, the discoveries at Sutton Hoo have long captured my imagination and inspired my love of the past. I’m very fortunate to have enjoyed two careers – first as an archaeologist and then later as a broadcaster, which at once have combined my love of history with the creative privilege of telling a story. It was no accident that the opportunity to film an episode of Escape to the Country around Woodbridge coincided with the chance to explore the astonishing efforts and ambition of the Sutton Hoo Ship’s Company in recreating this Iconic vessel, that has long come to define the Anglo-Saxon period. I was thrilled to meet the team and see first hand how the project is coming along.

What an enterprise! The Sutton Hoo Ship’s Company are undertaking one of the most ambitious feats of experimental archaeology seen in recent years, and it will give us many invaluable insights into Anglo-Saxon history – perhaps the most formative period in the story of our nation. When the ship is complete and once again gracing the waters of the River Deben, the team will justly revel in having created something both beautiful and enduring which can help us all reach back many centuries into the world of the East Angles. I’ve certainly already booked my place as crew!”

Jules Hudson