Laurie started with the Ship’s Company in May 2021 to assist with the build and offer his expertise. Laurie has always been interested in working with wood and began a boatbuilding course at the IBTC Lowestoft in 2009. Between then and now he has helped to restore many boats to their former glory, including Our Lizzie a Dunkirk Little Ship from the 1920s, the SS Robin a steamship pictured below, and the Skerryvore, featured in this article.


Whilst working with wood is Laurie’s passion it isn’t his only passion as he is often known to be restoring one of his classic mini’s.  A man of many talents.


When asked what attracted him to the Sutton Hoo Ship project he said that it was a “once in a lifetime opportunity” and that he liked the challenge of converting his knowledge to this new way of working. Previously Laurie has used modern tools and boatbuilding methods but “working so closely with the grain of the wood to carefully craft each section with an axe is a different and unique experience”.

Although Laurie does have some experience of sailing he is much happier on the land but that doesn’t mean that we won’t try and persuade him to pick up an oar when the time comes.