Tim has been around boats and the sea since he was eight years old when his father built a ‘Mirror Dinghy’. This was soon followed by a ‘Mirror Sixteen’ and a Bell Woodworking ‘Seamew’ sloop. By the age of sixteen he was teaching sailing through school and inner city boys clubs. After ‘A’ levels he worked in the Production Development Department of a major pharmaceutical company.
In his mid-twenties he went to work for the Outward Bound Trust as an Instructor and Development Trainer, working primarily with apprentices and graduate trainees.
In 1996/97 he re-trained as a boatbuilder at the International Boatbuilding Training College in Lowestoft and has been in the trade since then, working for some of the major yards in East Anglia on various projects including in 2011 a new waterwheel for the Woodbridge Tidemill. During this time he has built his own 15 metre yacht which has been his home for the past thirteen years. In 2018, he began to study for a B.A. degree in Archaeology at University of Wales Trinity Saint David in Lampeter.
He loves sailing and hill-walking and is fascinated to see the long-held plans to recreate King Raedwald’s ship coming to fruition.