At the moment we have teams of volunteers covering different aspects of the work involved. Some volunteers work on-site but others work remotely around the UK and the world.

Crews include:

Production Crew: Those directly involved with interpreting the plans into models and those directly building the ship

Support Crew: Those that are involved with the daily running of the activities in the Longshed such as waste disposal, maintenance and internal repairs and fittings

Oar Crew: Those that are involved with making the ship’s oars

Research Crew: Those that take on a subject area and find out all they can about it before formalising it in a research document (remote working)

Recording Crew: Those that are creating a database of detailed information capturing every aspect of the project

Communications and Admin Crew: Those that work behind the scenes to keep things going, pay the bills and communicate to the world

Fundraising Crew: Those that find ways of raising money to complete the build by fundraising and applying for grants

If you have time to spare and would like to be involved by helping behind the scenes with the smooth running of the project or have the skills to help with the building process, we would like to hear from you. A project of this size is reliant on volunteers to provide expertise in everything from health and safety to sharpening tools and from bookkeeping to providing demonstrations and tours, so if you have been involved in anything like this before or have transferable work skills please get in contact by completing the application form at – this link