Joe trained as an engineer and moved to Suffolk with his job at BT in 1974 and from 1995 he worked as an independent IT consultant in the UK, Belgium and the Netherlands.As with the Anglo-Saxon ship project, much of Joe’s work has been project based, and he is able to directly transfer those skills into the team.

Joe, a regular guide at the National Trust site at Sutton Hoo, has always been interested in Anglo-Saxon history and took to this project through his lifelong fascination with the sea and ships. Joe is a great researcher and spends hours trawling through important records to find the information needed to push the project forward. Joe was also responsible for bringing to light a copy of the ship’s original excavation drawing, which had been tucked away behind a door in the Ipswich Museum.

Joe is a member of the Sutton Hoo Society, the National Trust, the Woodbridge Riverside Trust and the Adastral Park Sailing Club, nicely linking together a wealth of knowledge and experience. He has crewed on yachts, and took up dinghy sailing shortly before he retired in 2009 so is keen to see how the ship handles on the water.

The building of this iconic ship attracts Joe through its power and simplicity, and as a source of endless speculation. He, like many others, believes that we have so much to learn from building the replica ship and has become a key member of the Ship’s Company team.