Mark spent 45 years working in the professional services sector, practising law for 15 years, running a large law firm for 17 years and most recently, for 13 years, advising a variety of professional services firms, both in England and in other jurisdictions, on strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions, change management and business planning and improvement. He is now putting his skills and experience to use in other areas of society.

Mark has a lifelong interest in history, archaeology and photography, all three of which have regularly featured in his public speaking and presentations over the years. He is particularly interested in Angevin history and has been known to apply some of its lessons in his management consulting work. Eleanor of Aquitaine would be his first invitee to a dinner party held for the people from history who inspire him most. He is looking forward to learning more about how Saxon skills and practices can be used in the present day as, on a number of occasions in his life, he has had the opportunity to observe the ability of experimental archaeology to bring the past to life for the education and benefit of the present. He has great expectations for the Sutton Hoo ship project, both in terms of its academic and educational potential and also for its ability to be a catalyst for twenty first century environmental change and regeneration.

Mark and his wife live in Yorkshire and have three daughters, all of whom have visited Suffolk regularly since childhood. He has happy memories of catching crabs whilst rowing in his college eight at university and of valiantly paddling in circles in a Welsh coracle as a child.