The two (pretty, difficult, I think) ‘Riddles Of the Matter of Treefelling’  were inspired by the Saxonship work presently going on beyond the Longshed. In the words of Jacq B.- ‘If you are looking for more subject areas the cleaving of oak trees with axes and lots of grunt is very topical!’ Nuff said (a clue there).

 As usual, the poems are written Anglo-Saxon-style (you can, too: see ‘Write Like a Saxon’ workshops) – alliteration binding half-lines (instead of rhyme), a good thumping free metre (instead of tum-ti-tum) and a reading-out-loud (and repeat if necessary!) for-others-to-guess-at purpose (instead of keep-it-to-yourself reading).

 Puzzle and Enjoy: then write your own – a donkey, a draught-excluder, a dandelion, a duck  …

John G