7 short do-it-yourself workshops designed by John Gallas for the followers of the Saxon Ship

A few first words from John.

The SaxonShip is on its way. It’s only right that we should be ready to have a go at hailing, hauling and hurraying it in Anglo-Saxon style when it arrives.

These 7 small, do-it-yourself workshops are designed to get your Anglo-Saxon bits afloat. By the end you’ll be plain-sailing into the poem-sea and ready to sing, strum, recite, chant, wail or pronounce your very own Anglo-Saxon poem (or maybe more than one) as a tribute to all the hard work done in the Project and a celebration of the result.

Perhaps we could put everyone’s efforts, typed, arty-parchment-made, videoed, voice-recorded, handwritten, calligraphized, tapestried, knitted, crocheted and written in earth and sand, together to make a SaxonShip collection.

The 7 Exercises probably take anything from half an hour a week up to, well, as long as you want to spend, depending how enthusiastic you get and how researchy you become.

They are :

Week 1 : Making Acquaintances – looking at Anglo-Saxon poems, spotting basic characteristics.

Week 2 : Getting on Board – subjects of Anglo-Saxon poems, alliteration, 1st little effort.

Week 3 : Rowing with Riddles – how Anglo-Saxon Riddles work, and how to write some.

Week 4 : Hauling with Heroes – Heroic poetry, your go at a mini-epic.

Week 5 : Sailing on the Swans’-Way – kennings, leading to a sea and ship poem of your own.

Week 6 : Singing with Saints – optional extra workshop on Christian Saxon poems of heroic saints.

Week 7 : Casting off – make your best choices and final versions. Present how you like best.

John is happy to look at your work and can be contacted at john.gallas@btinternet.com


(Saxon hail-greeting, meaning ‘Be You Well’ : much used by dear old Gandalf).