Time to graduate, well done!


From all you’ve learned, tried and done, pick what you like best, or turns out best, and concentrate on it, to make a Final Copy of something. TWO would be good, short riddles, longer epics, it doesn’t matter.

Don’t forget hown important a clever or original way of showing/reading out the poem is. Be as creative with the presentation as you have been with the writing.

If these can be collected, and presented together in some way, you’ll be part of a fine collection of things, no matter how variously they are presented.


Only natural if you want to concentrate on SaxonShip topics, tools, work, shapes, sails, people, shields, keels, trees, oars, rowbeats, birds, seas, rivers, mists, woodworks, ropeworks, docks, building and working sounds – all the exercises and skills learned above can be easily turned in that direction.

Remember to send off any of your work from this, or previous weeks to john.gallas@btinternet.com