John is a St Magnus Festival Orkney Poet and Fellow of the English Association and has had many poetry books published, examples include Star City, 52 Euros, The Song Atlas, Fresh Air & the Story of Molecule, 40 Lies and The Little Sublime Comedy, most having being published by Carcanet. John is also a librettist, which we hope to benefit from, and a translator, tramper, cyclist and FOX (or Leicester City Football fan to you and I!) He has also joined the Sutton Hoo Ship’s Company as a volunteer to write poetry about the ship and the project, some of which will be shared via the Newsletter.

John will be delivering two interactive workshops over the weekend. These can be attended either individually or sequentially.

Write like a Saxon (Part 1) – How we know and have a go (Friday, September 9th at 2 pm)

After a short introduction looking at the composition of a Saxon poem, spotting half-lines, alliteration, compounds and kennings John will guide the group to collectively write their own poem based on the treasures found in the mound at Sutton Hoo before looking at creating and solving some riddles with your fellow group.

FRU1: ‘Write like a Saxon – how we know and have a go’ with John Gallas, Friday 9 September at 2 – 3 pm in The Longshed, Woodbridge

Write like a Saxon (Part 2) – Singing of things (Saturday 10th September at2 pm)

After a quick introduction to half-lines and alliteration John will work with the group to choose a Sutton Hoo object on which to base a poem. By moving the individual 4-line creations around the group and emphasising the ‘hero and horror’ element the poem will develop into a shared piece of work. After which the art of riddle-making will take centre stage.

SAU3: ‘Write like a Saxon -singing of things’ with John Gallas, Saturday 10 September 2 – 3 pm in the Longshed, Woodbridge