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Shipmate Newsletter

The Shipmate Newsletter is issued in January, March, May, July, September and November. Back issues will be added to this page for you to refer to and download.

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Initial research documents written by Pat Tanner and Julian Whitewright in 2018

  1. The first 20 page report deals with the modelling of the hull and internal structure.

Phase 1,Report 1: HullStructure

Reports relating to the Phase 1, Report 1 document:

  • Survey of the 6th Century Saxon Burial Ship, Crosley, A. S. 1942 – Link
  • Practical knowledge in the Viking age: the use of mental templates in clinker shipbuilding, Dhoop, T and Olabberia, J-P – Link

2. The second 11 page report deals with the initial hydrostatic analysis and some thoughts on the propulsion of the vessel.

Phase 1, Report 2: Hydrostatics and Propulsion

Questions that have arisen during the research and modelling phase. Paper written to Julian Whitewright

SHSC Questions arising from Phase 1 modelling_Julian Whitewright


Minimum reconstruction, construction and lines plan to incorporate the early thinking

Below are the drawings based on the research and modelling undertaken in the last few months by Pat Tanner and Julian Whitewright which incorporate current thinking about the size and shape of the ship.

Phase1 Minimum Reconstruction Drawing


Other research documents by Paul Handley, The Royal Institute of Naval Architects, Historic Ships 7-8 Dec 2016

The Sutton Hoo Ship – Development and Analysis of a computer hull model prior to full scale construction


Notes on the likely hull shape written by Paul Hanley, 5 October 2018

Notes on hull shape – P Handley, Oct 2018


The Ship’s Company Other Research Findings – link
This link will take you to the Archeological Research papers that have already been published on the website. New papers are added as soon as they are signed off. Researchers are currently working on potential sail rigging arrangements, rudders, rope, ballasting, sailcloth manufacture and the potential trial routes once the ship has been launched.

For general information and interest – International Symposium on Boat and Ship Archaeology (ISBSA)

Julian Whitewright is representing The Sutton Hoo Ship’s Company at the ISBSA conference being held in Marseille in October 2018. The poster of the Anglo-Saxon ship reconstruction below has been created to capture the interest of delegates attending the event.

ISBSA Poster