The Sutton Hoo ship is a charity where we are raising funds to ensure that the 90′ replica Anglo-Saxon ship is authentically built, historically recorded and extensively tested to its full potential. Money will be raised in a variety of ways but we would like as many people as possible to be able to get involved and have their own part of this truly unique ship.

Over time we will be inviting people to sponsor different parts of the ship but for now, we are concentrating on the fixings.  As you would imagine there is a long list of parts which will vary in size and visibility, however, every part is equally as important, as without all of the component parts the ship cannot take shape.

Our first ‘Fund a Fixing’ launch involves the metal rivets, spikes and bolts.  In all, the ship needs 4308 different fixings which have been transcribed from the archaeological records. This number is made up of the following:

3598 Strake Rivets

162 Plank Joint Rivets

58 Rib Bolts

160 Iron Spikes

24 Keel Scarf Bolts

200+ Wooden Trenails

Caulking (per Germanic foot)

To ‘Fund a Fixing’, or a collection of these fixings please add your selection to your shopping basket and continue to the checkout.

In return for your kind sponsorship we will display your name (or nominated name if you are sponsoring your fixing in someone else’s name) against your fixing number on the roll of honour on our website. We will also send you a limited edition ‘Ships Company Sponsor’ pin badge and ownership card to have at home. As each fixing is added to the ship it will be recorded so you will be able to coma and locate it in the final build.

If you would like to sponsor a rivet as a Christmas, Birthday or Anniversary present, select your rivet, add it to your basket and pay for it. Then email to say who you would like each rivet dedicated to. Please provide your rivet numbers, the person’s full name and the town where the live(d). We can also add a brief message if that would be appropriate.

If you can’t wait for delivery – to download a temporary certificate please click here – Temporary Certificates

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