The Sutton Hoo Ships Company are very grateful to the following sponsors of the 64 Iron Spikes:

If you would like your rivet dedicated to someone, please email with your full name and address so we can authenticate ownership and we will change it for you.

All pins have been shipped 8 October

001 Kathy Sayer, Clacton, UK
002 Francis Nicholls, Coggeshall, UK
003 David and Sandra Pryor, Leavenheath, UK
004 Wayne & Lesley Geater, Ipswich, UK
007 Susan Coales, Wortham, UK
011 Chris Game, Woodbridge, UK
022 Percy Edwin Thurlow, M.V.Macfee, Scotland
027 Victoria Burton, London, UK
042 Russell & Patricia Geater, Ipswich, UK
054 Ian Leggatt, Selsdon, UK
055 Kathy Leggatt, Selsdon, UK
056 Stephen Leddy, Saint Agoulin, France
063 Clare Golding, Guildford, UK
064 Henry James, Kington, UK