The Sutton Hoo Ships Company are very grateful to the following sponsors of the 58 Rib Bolts:

If you would like your rivet dedicated to someone, please email with your full name and address so we can authenticate ownership and we will change it for you.

01 Philip Leech, Woodbridge, UK CREW
02 David Pryor, Leavenheath, UK CREW
03 Jim Patterson, Liverpool, UK
04 Martin Carver, York, UK CREW
05 Colin Taylor, Much Wenlock, UK
06 Chris McAllister, London, UK
07 Ian Duncan, Yoxford, UK
08 Krin Lefranc, Simsbury, USA
09 Laura Taylor, Langley, UK
10 David Jessop, London, UK
11 H+A+C+M, Falkenham, UK
12 Carole Biggam, Helensburgh, Scotland, UK
13 Nicholas Fisher, Northleach, UK
22 In loving memory of George Mortimer Thurlow, Sutton Hoo, UK
23 Frank Skinner, London, UK
40 Jeremy Holmes, St Mary, Jersey
49 Mike Hambling, Upminster, UK
55 Angela Daly, Gillingham, UK