If you would like a tour or talk, small or large, our Crew Mates team will be able to help you. We can arrange small guided tours for 6-8 people that last about 30-40 minutes or we can arrange larger events involving a speaker. Talks can either be given within the Longshed where you have the advantage of seeing the work that is going on or at your own club or society.

As we are a charity, we do ask for a small donation when delivering talks to help with the funding of the ship. Talks can generally be accommodated at any time. As a guideline, a small tour for up to 6 people will be £25 plus £4 for each additional person, up to a maximum of eight per group. We can comfortably have two tours going on at the same time but any more than that would make it difficult for everyone to see everything. We share the same area as the Woodbridge Museum and The Tide Mill so some organised groups have incorporated more than one visit at the same time.

We will also be adding some general talks for individuals to book in due course.

Please email events@saxonship.org if this is something that interests you.