Now we are looking well into the future…

A plan produced a few years ago began this phase by saying ‘Conduct flotation trials in calm water’, but we are more ambitious than that.

Whilst we have theoretical answers to some of the questions about the ship, we want to know so much more, for example:

  • how fast could it go?
  • how big are the waves it could cope with safely?
  • what was it worth? we know the Saxon value of a sheep so how does this compare?
  • how long would it have taken to build?
  • how many people rowed it (we think an ordinary crew of 28 but maybe 40 sometimes)?
  • what loads could it carry?
  • were all the oars the same length?
  • how did the King get ashore without getting wet?
  • did it have a sail? Would it sail well?
  • how did they get it to Sutton Hoo (its a steep hill!)?

We have so many questions – but is there something else you would like to know – if so contact us at