Home to the new Anglo-Saxon Ship

The Longshed has been built on the old Whisstocks boatyard site in Woodbridge which was derelict for many years.  As a condition of the redevelopment (under Section 106 of the 1990 Town and Country Planning Act), and with much persuasion and subsequent support from the Woodbridge Riverside Trust, the developers of the site agreed to provide a community boatshed, latterly named the Longshed, and a public open space in front of the freehold to the Woodbridge Town Council.  In turn the Longshed has been leased to the Woodbridge Riverside Trust for their many activities, including hosting the build of the resurrected Anglo-Saxon ship by The Ship’s Company.

The dimensions of the Longshed were specified by the Woodbridge Riverside Trust to be ‘long, high and wide enough’ to build this magnificent ship.

From the photograph’s below you will see that the Longshed is just about long enough.